We can quickly and easily set up a Website for any size business. We have designers and developers on hand to discuss your website needs. We use the most up to date Content Management Systems (CMS) for advanced usability and customer interactivity, or we can do a standard HTML website.

Free quotes. 

  1. Discuss your needs:

    • Ask questions (questionnaire)
    • Visit venue (if applicable)
  2. Provide Proposal:

    • An estimate of amount of time it will take to complete project (if applicable)
    • An estimate of hosting costs (if applicable) (Benefits of Hosting with us)
    • Detailed listing of tasks to be completed
  3. Upon acceptance of Proposal:

    • One third of estimated cost is due
    • Depending on the tasks to be completed there will be various points of communication to ensure the project is going along as expected and to the satisfaction of the client
    • After the job is approximately half way finished we will review progress and ensure satisfaction
    • One third is due
    • Project will be completed to the clients satisfaction 
    • Final payment due upon completion

Content Management Systems (CMS) we support:

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Blogger
  • DotNetNuke
  • as well as Tumblr Themes and similar

Ask us if not listed.

Why use a Content Management System (CMS)?


  1. Affordability:

    Most CMS's are completely open source, which means free and is supported by a large community. Meaning you do not have to hire someone to build a versatile website from scratch. All they do is install it, setup the database, and create/edit the template. 

  2. Security:

    Due to the nature of Open Source software, it is often thought and proven, to be more secure than closed software. The idea is that there are many more eyes on it trying to fix (and break) it. 

  3. Ease of Use:

    These systems are made to be friendly to the end user (you) to create content for your website without having to hire someone like me everytime you need to change something. New pages, links, and adding functionality is something you can do yourself or have an employee do in just a few minutes. 

    I provide training to all of my clients as well as quick little video tutorials to help you complete most tasks you will want to do. 

  4. Versatile:

    Adding functionality like a photo gallery, facebook feed, an online store, etc. can be easily accomplished with a CMS, either during setup or much later. When you have a huge community coming up with new add-ons almost everyday, the result is tons of features, for a rich experience for your users, and yourself. 

  5. Well Supported by Community:

    Tons of YouTube videos, forums, and help for anything you could need.